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Analytical data platform

Data-driven begins with Data

Data Warehouse (DWH)

Form the data-driven basis for work and adoption of decisions

Gathering, structuring, clearing, connecting, and implementing all actual and important data for the adoption of business decisions is a key stage during the  implementation of the data-driven approach so that all decisions are adopted based on data.

Our specialists can help you to create an optimal model for your business data with further automation of data gathering from all business services (CRM, ERP, Google Analytics, financial accounting and monitoring systems, etc.)and launching the processes of clearing and data quality control.

We build DWH based on BigQuery, providing the highest  standards of reliability, flexibility, and safety for data storage and management.


ML/AI Platform

Understandable and transparent solution for machine learning

All models of machine learning that we develop are stored, tested, controlled, and managed in the cloud ML/AI platform called Vertax AI, which is a part of Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

It has a simple delegation of access rights, detailed documentation, large community, and native integration with GCP services, which altogether allows to significantly decrease the required resources for implementation, managing, and supporting machine learning models, as well as supporting the development of internal competences in the ML/AI technologies.


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Customer Data Platform

One platform – all data about your customers

Formation of an asset of regular clients is a pretty complex task if a company does not have a detailed portrait of its clients.

We help companies understand their clients, their needs, habits, interests, and desires. The data about client activities and reactions to brand communication with them are stored and analyzed using our solution.

By estimating the loyalty of customers to the brand and client values for the brand, any business can effectively manage the quality of their client assets to reach their tactical and strategic goals.


Data Visualisation

Complex data are shown in an easy and comprehensive visualization

All your data from multiple sources will be shown as a set of visualized interactive reports.

You get the opportunity to watch the key metrics in real-time, find the abnormal values, and compare the indices among one another.

More data analytics solutions

Leverage your customer acquisition and CRM for better business results.

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