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Customer acquisition optimization

Manageability of customer acquisition for your business goals

Analysis of campaign and channel efficiency

Manage your campaigns quickly and efficiently

Your campaigns have to be deeply and promptly analyzed as well as flexibly managed in order to achieve great results in customer acquisition.

Monitoring of key indicators of ad campaigns’ efficiency (such as the Number of attracted customers, Conversion Rate, CPL, or ROAS) allows you to quickly and easily estimate the least and most effective ones
and use your resources optimally.


Attribution Model

Estimate the marketing activities’ contribution precisely and quickly

Often, effective conversion is the result of not just
some standalone marketing action’s impact but a series
of consecutive touch points of a prospect to the seller’s activities.

To define the contribution of every single action,
we make the selection of an attribution model based
on machine learning (among 10+), which would be optimal for a customer, based on his specific set of data.

This approach, contrary to the one that’s frequently
met on the market where the same model is applied
to all clients, significantly increases the preciseness
of the estimation of the effect of campaigns and channels to the targets and allows more effective distribution of an attraction budget.


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Optimization of Retargeting Campaigns

Improve the precision of ad targeting for a specific client

Deep analysis of the interaction of clients with ads
(which would include a financial result) allows defining
the most effective advertising for specific clusters
or client segments.

Using this information, you can build effective
remarketing campaigns, offering the most alluring
advertising for each segment of clients based
on its value for them.


Marketing budget
planning and optimization

Invest only in efficient channels and activities

Given the limited marketing budget, it is crucial to use
only those channels, which are capable of bringing the best results and distribute the expenses based on the expected results.

The ML-based Marketing budget planning and optimization solution is capable of forming the best  distribution of a budget among the channels and campaigns of digital marketing to receive the best outcome.

At the ad campaign preparation stage, you will have
a reliable prediction of the expected outcome for every campaign alone and for their common action, which makes your planning processes easier, faster, smoother, and more flexible.

Sales funnel optimization

Define the bottlenecks and ample parts of your sales funnel

The analysis of the current behavior of a client and his touch points with a brand (like reaction to advertising, activities on the website, interactions with emailing and/or employees) can help find the bottlenecks of the sales funnel as well as its ample parts: superfluous actions that users do, which do not affect the funnel (sales).

The solution defines the templates of prospect behavior
at each stage of the sales funnel and selects the most effective ones for the closure of deals.

This information is able to become the basis to build active actions on a user to direct them to make a target action in an optimal way.

Customer Journey Visualization helps promptly analyze
client behavior and take necessary measures.


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Leverage your customer acquisition and CRM for better business results.

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