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Customer intelligence
and personalization

Customer Acquisition Strategy refers to the approach a business takes to reach new consumers and convince them to buy their product or service.

Segmentation and
Clustering of customers

Understand your clients better

Building personalized customer relations presupposes
a good understanding and knowing your customers, which becomes a very resource-intensive task because there are many of them.

The AI capabilities allow segmenting and clustering
the clients based on characteristic signs, which are crucial specifically for your client asset and your business. Using the models optimal for you, you can define patterns
and facts which you might have been unaware of.

Use the received data to build segment-based communication strategies: encourage loyal customers, develop new ones, and return the best. Apply an individual approach to your clients to improve the loyalty level to your company and, thus, your income.


Forecasting of leads
and customers potential

Defining a lead’s potential includes not only the probability of making a transaction but also other indicators. For instance, size and periodicity of purchases (first and consequent), as well as LT and LTV predictions.

Lead and customer estimation is made based on a multitude of various attributes, including personal information and how they interact with your website and brand on the Internet. User data are analyzed in comparison with the existing data about other existing customers, based on which it’s possible to extrapolate the known facts for the user that’s being analyzed, to understand their further development.

These data help sales and marketing departments define the work priorities, improve the speed and probability of lead forwarding through the sales funnel, and increase the loyalty of the most attractive customers.

Estimate the prospects for the development of potential and existing clients

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Retention and Prevention of Customers’ Churn

Prevent customer churn on time

This solution predicts the possible customer churn through different client groups and gives a possibility to react on time to prevent their churn.

Also, it makes it possible to define the churn reasons
and build a personalized client communication strategy.

Using the ML methods, we’re able to individually select
the best mechanisms of interaction for your audience.


Real-Time Personalisation of Content and Recommendations

Help your clients select proper goods

Personalization of offered content and special recommendations are made in real-time and are offered to users when they are on the website (or app), which increases the average spend and the sizeof a shopping basket.

Our recommendation system is based on machine learning and uses the accumulated data about clients’ preferences of a particular segment and ever-changing real-time data about the actions of a specific user. Consecutively, each new action impacts the website’s recommendation (in a basket or in a separate block), as well as in the app, during the direct communication (mailing, push notifications, SMS, Viber), and retargeting ads.

Trigger Communication

Relevant emails at the right moment

Trigger communication is designed to significantly facilitate the process of customer communication by automating the “routine” messages, such as Welcome letters, moving a client through the sales funnel during the first and consecutive sales, after-sales communication, reactivation, and event-connected letters.

These mail chains are activated automatically when a client makes certain actions or when some specific event happens (registration on the website, abandoned basket, changing the segment, birthday).

We can help you pick or elaborate the system of trigger mail chains to build closer and more loyal client interaction.


More data analytics solutions

Leverage your customer acquisition and CRM for better business results.

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