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Customer relationship

Upgrade your customer communication

Marketing budget planning and optimization

Invest only in effective channels and activities

Given the limited marketing budget, it is crucial
to use only those channels, which are capable of bringing the best results and distribute the expenses based
on the expected effect.

The ML-based Marketing budget planning
and optimization solution is capable of forming the best distribution of a budget amongstthe channels and campaigns of digital marketing to receive the best outcome.

At the stage of ad campaign preparation, you will have
a reliable prediction of the expected outcome for every campaign alone and for their common action, which makes your planning processes easier, faster, smoother, and more flexible.


Customer Relationships

Improve the potential of your client asset

We will do the analysis and estimation of the current interaction with customers and help to find the communication capabilities for the improvement of LTV, Churn/Retention, ROMI, and other indices.

The communication strategy audit includes the estimation of a client asset, communication matrix prototyping, considering the level of personalization in channels and segments, the analysis of the main metrics of efficiency, and the formation of recommendations.

Loyalty Program Audit

Improve your client loyalty level

The general analysis of the loyalty program helps
to define weaknesses and hidden opportunities
to improve the business metrics.

It includes the estimation of the client asset, its development dynamics, quality and quantity KPIs within
the segments and lifecycle stages, levels of client involvement, the analysis of the company’s obligations
in the loyalty program, and the set of recommendations aimed at the improvement of performance.


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Factor Analysis

Find out what drives your customers

What factors define the client behavior? Why do sales stagnate?

What affects the choice of articles? Using machine learning, our specialists will help to find the answers to these and other questions, which might be of interest to the business.

Having defined the patterns in the behavior of client clusters, you can find out the reasons for the choice of the articles, effectively manage your article lines, and form offers, which will surely receive good feedback.

Also, factor analysis can define which methods of communication with the audience that has had a previous negative experience are the most expedient in your case.

Dynamic lists of articles

Your campaigns have to be deeply and promptly analyzed as well as flexibly managed in order to achieve great results in customer acquisition.

Monitoring of key indicators of ad campaigns’ efficiency (such as the Number of attracted customers, Conversion Rate, CPL, or ROAS) allows you to quickly and easily estimate the least and most effective ones
and use your resources optimally.

Make the lists of articles an effective sales tool

More data analytics solutions

Leverage your customer acquisition and CRM for better business results.

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