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Information that delivers value

Customer Communication

Make your mailing campaigns resultative

Customer communication is built based on the results
of the work of algorithms of machine learning. The data
are collected in the CDP (Customer Data Platform) based on the business objectives.

Automation gives a possibility to manage tens and hundreds of mailing chains with the personalization of time, channel, and text of the message for every single customer since our tools take into account the up-to-date actions
of customers, their interests, and preferences, using
the optimal channel and time of communication.

Thus, communication becomes more efficient because
its speed & personification are improved, and the involved resources are decreased.


Knowledge Delivery

Send the right information to the right receiver

Information received on time increases the efficiency
of work of employees and processes, allowing making data-driven decisions.

We help to collect, organize, and evaluate information
and submit it in the right format, time, and to the right receiver: a staff member, system, or process.


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Performance Metrics

Keep your basic metrics at hand

Successful marketing cannot exist without a large number of key metrics (like those of ad campaigns, workflows,  changes in customer assets, the efficacy of pages, apps, products, etc.).

We help to gather required metrics and deliver them in the form of interactive, convenient, and adaptive reports.

You can track the key metrics of your business in real-time and respond to them in a timely manner.


More data analytics solutions

Leverage your customer acquisition and CRM for better business results.

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