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Get the Best from Your Data

AI-Solutions for Marketing and Sales that will leverage your Business.


Increase your ROMI and strengthen the loyalty of your customers.

What we offer?

  • Consulting

  • Management

  • Deployment

  • Support

  • Education

How we make it?

  • Machine Learning

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Big Data

  • Cloud-based

  • Data Science



Data-driven decision making based
on predictive modelling and prescriptive analytics.

Customer acquisition

Our optimal attribution model and other tools will allow you to effectively manage your campaigns and channels and maximize your ROAS.

Customer Intelligence
and Personalization

We will help you to define the needs of your customers and their value for your business while creating a personalized communication so you can achieve your business goals effectively and efficiently. 

Customer Relationship Optimization

We will assist you in your interactions with your customers and help you discover new growth opportunities.

Knowledge Management

An automation of data flows will help you to create a solid basis for a data-driven approach in your team.

Analytical data platform

An Analytical Data Platform based on cloud technologies will be your efficient tool to work with your data.


Work Principles


KPI based

Our work results can be measured. We help to define necessary metrics of project efficiency and to monitor its result from the viewpoints of how it was, how it is, and how it should be. It gives every business a possibility to evaluate and control the results of our work, and to react to changes on time.



Studying, assessment and implementation of innovations is a part of the everyday activity of Beinf. This allows us to develop and introduce effective solutions and keep them up-to-date even in the technology market, which develops at a high pace.



In order to reach long-term success, companies need to quickly adopt decisions, relying on the most actual and objective information, embracing every important business aspect. We help companies effectively gather data, automate informational flows, and transform the data into the sources of information.


Business objective-Centric

A key starting point for each of our projects is the understanding of goals, tasks, and problems of a business, as well as the connected processes. Thanks to such an approach, our work result is maximally useful and solves the specific tasks of each client.


Cross-Functional Team

Extracting information from data and managing it systematically is a complex process, which requires a critical approach and review of each task from multiple angles. The flexible team from Beinf unites industry and functional expertise and creates highly efficient solutions, which are maximally adapted to the business requirements.


Tell us about your challenges

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